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Meet Kawena's Illustrator, KotaVa

If you enjoyed reading Kawena, be sure to check out KotaVa, winner of the grand prize in my 2017 Draw My OCs contest! She'll be making the cover, illustrations, and other cool artwork for the book series in Light Novel fashion - we thank you for your support! :wave:

Kawena Fanarts Feature ♥

A special feature just for all the wonderful deviants who draw/write my characters! :w00t:

Kawena meets Elemental by Gogomechy So-Rin and Wyra - Commission by Goddess-of-Gales Com: Fallon and So-Rin by MichelleKoilover

Mature Content

So-Rin's Bathtime by Goddess-of-Gales
Gift for BlackMana^^ by AyakoChan190 Wyra for Blackmanaburning by Goddess-of-Gales Kannak for Blackmanaburning by Goddess-of-Gales Fallon {Request} by SugarMoonWitch Fallon by Samarkana Fallon by nyxhysteria13 1st Poll Idea! by Virmont89 R: Fallon by Illyanna-Tohka Blackmanaburning's Zilpha by Goddess-of-Gales Fallon (2018) by LAN0RA Fallon - Holiday Picture by Goddess-of-Gales Fallon and So-Rin Commission by HalfBloodA7 Falling by Vivacia18

Draw My OCs Contest Winners Feature!

11 Winners of my 2017 OC Drawing Contest - find them in Skylight Stories Kawena Volume 1!
It's tough being so small by SUOMAR BlackManaBurning's OC Contest - Fallon by Erydrin Fallon and So-Rin Contest Entry by Phauxal Contest - Fallon by rawritsHuroki So-rin by Dilly-Dali Contest entry | So-Rin by AngelLinx3 Blackmanaburning Entry by seiyuuheart Teacher's Feather by alchemyfarie Gliding by xLillyLOL Fallon by Polux-McLion Fallon - BlackManaBurning's OC Contest by KotaVa

Thanks so much to everyone else who participated!! :wave:

So-Rin by AquariusBatt Fallon (contest entry) by animelover7032 You're lost little bird by Keiler-art [CE] Soaring by Seraphi91 So-Rin by Sparkling-Lilac Fallon - BlackManaBurning's OC Contest by WinterLifeAmerica So-Rin by Motemo Fallon by DuckDrew Fallon - BlackManaBurning's OC Contest by Sen-Draw So-Rin by Polux-McLion Fallon and So-Rin by Sparkling-Lilac Fallon by AquariusBatt Fallon in Flight by Katherine-Olenic Red feathers by JeySpade Fallon by Sparkling-Lilac So-Rin and a bird by SUOMAR Float stone garden by Greenhorngal Contest entry for BlackManaBurning by orchidkitty So-Rin and Fallon by KyriE-studio How Dare You! by Greenhorngal So-Rin. by Violeaf-MnF So-rin by thormemeson BlackManaBurning's OC Contes [Fallon] by maycie1223 Oc-fallonwbelt by Dilly-Dali Fallon - BlackManaBurning's OC Contest by MusicalYandere Kawena- contest entry by sapphireknight13 Fallon Sky Gazing. (Contest entry.) by Pink--Reptile Angel's Heart - Fallon by Violeaf-MnF I Was Made For You by Vivacia18 Contest entry (So-Rin) by Dragon-Eternal Fallon - blackmanaburning's oc by nyxhysteria13 Fallon [BlackManaBurning Contest Entry] by xlordragon [RQ] BlackManaBurning by LunaLunestia FALLON- (BLACKMANABURNING CONTEST OC) by khayas Fallon - BlackManaBurning's OC Contest by Pencilscrack How can I help? by Greenhorngal Autumn sadness by LeoDiabuelo Competition Submission: Fallon by jamie-enby

The Bird Queen Digest:

Writer | Freelance Editor | Artisan | Fangirl
Welcome to my profile! :wave:
I'm an otaku fangirl who loves stories so much I made the art of storytelling my profession! When I'm not writing, reading, or editing, I like to spend my time drawing, gardening, watching anime, and making all sorts of fandom-related crafts!
I love chatting with fellow creators and fans, so message me anytime!

pastel hearts emoji by rnoralsPatreon pastel hearts emoji by rnoralsEtsy pastel hearts emoji by rnorals

Buy Me a Coffee at Onionhead Tea - Onion head by pineapple-soup

Check these writers out!

Thanks so much for participating in my 100 word contest! :wave: Here are the 3 winners - check out their awesome entries and a sampling of their other wonderful writings ♥

:iconkameratte: The ant in 100 words
From her leaf the ladybug observed the anthill. An ant moving in his pace, found the way blocked by an orange, left to rot. The ant laid away his load and tried to shove the annoying orange away.
"Just walk around!" the ladybug laughed.
"I am a warrior, proud and strong. This enemy will bow to my will!" the ant shouted back.
With more strength it shoved the obstacle and the orange moved forwards. And it rolled back again, squishing the ant.
"What use was your strength fair warrior, while you lacked the brain to use it?" mocked the ladybug.
Danny sneaked out of his family's house. He knew, his parents didn't like it, when he showed himself outside although they lived at a secluded farm. Maybe they were just jealous. They had no wings like him. He stood on the porch and looked at the blinking stars. They seemed to wink encouraging to him. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath of the fresh air and spread his wings. With a few strong beats he rose into the sky. He just loved to feel the air in his face and to hear the sound of his feathers when he flew.
Yet he was careful. A few circles above the farm were the only thing he allowed himself. He never came close to the dim lights at the horizon and avoided the street in the east as well.
The only thing which escaped his attention was a small campsite in the wood. The campers had their eyes on the full moon and they not only saw the unusual winged figure in the sky, they also had a camera and the presence of mind to use it.
During the following days the video was upl

The 100-word story of a small ant's trials...

:iconskysoul25: 100 word story contest
The Orange Bowel was on the left side of the Sofa. Paul Adam Wexler was trapped inside as his wife, Brianne approach the bowl. Looming over him she spotted him and began to attack him. At a quick pace Paul ran from his giant wife trying to get her attention, but she just kept seeing a spider in a bow. She ran after it and destroyed most of the house, until Paul was trapped behind a trash can and his wife’s shoe. She picked him up and threw him away. Paul Screamed and then he awoke from the surrealist nightmare.
UoyevolI an experiment in loveIntelligent Designs of my Goddess
Lavender lips that matched her eyes.
Olive skin that glistened in the sun, A Way that blossomed into a breath taking figure.
Voice as angelic as sky, a true goddess voice of every principal.
Ever loving, and ever carefree.
Young of Soul, mind and body.
Occupy my Heart in its full meaning.
United and Untitled as you are my Universe.

A strange and surreal series of events in 100 words - is it real, or just a dream...?

:iconforeverevanescent: 100 Words of Weird100 Words of Weird
“NO! You have to put the orange bow over there, next to the purple ones!” a woman in a black trench coat yelled at a red headed girl in glasses on top of a ladder.
“I can’t reach it! It’s too far to the left!” the redhead yelled back. The trench coated woman responded by kicking the ladder, causing the girl to fall into a barrel of white paint.
“We have to get this ready for the party! It’s only a few hours away, so pick up the pace!” she responded before walking away.
That’s life.
Fashion Files: Totally Spies EditionFashion Files: Totally Spies Edition
It was a sunny Saturday morning in Beverly Hills. Walking down the sidewalk, the Fashion Police consisting of Tyler Breeze and Fandango were roaming the streets looking for fashion felonies.
“Ah Beverly Hills. It sure is beautiful, isn’t it Deputy Dango?” Tyler asked, taking note of all the malls sporting some very interesting fashions that he had never seen before.
“Breeze, you said we were in Beverly Hills, and yet I don’t see any hills,” Fandango said, looking around for a hill.
“Dango, Beverly Hills is just a name,” Breeze explained, looking at a woman wearing a polka dot dress. He seriously considered writing her a ticket if it wasn’t for the great color pallet.
“I’m still seeing a hill before we leave,” Fandango mumbled before springing his head up, hearing an argument. “Breeze, do you hear that?” Fandango asked, prompting Breeze to put a hand to his ear

A little weird, a whole lotta awesome in this 100-word creative tale...

Thanks so much for participating! You all did an excellent job! :clap:

Music to Write by~♪

Mikakunin de Shinkoukei by xAyashax Code Geass Stamp by Krisderp Wolf's Rain Stamp by Hiddencrying A Certain Magical Index Stamp by Athena-Tivnan Rapidash Stamp by ice-fire xXxHolic Stamp by rapaoloni Led Zeppelin by gigidelagaze Stamp: I Read BANNED Books by tranimation-art Romantics stamp by SnoodSpirit Sesshomaru Stamp by MonotoneJynx Kira Stamp by Drake1 Proud College Graduate by sugarpoultry Good at something by ShadowStarEXE Original Characters, Fan Characters, Whatever by endler I love when people draw my characters stamp by Reiirin Nature is Dynamic by sulfide Edward Stamp - Cute And... by Ana-Mae literature stamp by snailcrumpet
sakura chiyo by oOAli-monOo◄Me after reading something awesome


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